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Commercial Auto Insurance

This kind of coverage is specifically designed for vehicles used in the conduct of a business. It helps to protect the policyholder from various kinds of liabilities and also from costly repair bills should a commercial vehicle be damaged during its use.

Commercial auto insurance is meant for all kinds of businesses that require the use of a vehicle in some form. Not only is this coverage required by law, but is necessary to ensure that the business owner can avoid any unnecessary legal, medical, or repair costs. Businesses both large and little can make great use of this type of a policy.

Good commercial auto insurance is not too different form a regular personal policy. As in normal auto insurance, the company will need to first determine what coverage is needed and what the subsequent levels of the coverage are best for the business’ situation. Once this is accomplished, the business then buys the policy of choice. The insurance provider will create a contract to sign and then will initiate the coverage. Coverage begins only after the contract is signed. The policyholder will then simply pay the premiums on time every month until the day arrives when the coverage is needed. This is accomplished by filing a claim in accordance with the policies of the insurance company. In the aftermath of an accident or loss, the insurance company contacts the insured company’s representative with help and directions on how to proceed.

There are two main types of coverage for commercial auto insurance. The most popular is the “per vehicle” insurance, which is usually obtained by small to medium sized companies. Larger firms will usually see that it is more cost-effective to buy fleet insurance. A fleet insurance policy is a comprehensive one that provides coverage for all the vehicles and drivers at a company. This is quite different from a per vehicle insurance policy. Per vehicle insurance is an individual policy that must be obtained for each vehicle that is driven in the operation of the business. All of the employees that use that particular car must be on that policy.

Businesses choosing the best commercial auto insurance policies are the beneficiaries of many perks. They will have liability coverage should someone take out a lawsuit against the company. The company will also receive payment for any vehicle repair costs. Keep in mind that some insurance companies prefer to pay the mechanic directly for doing repairs.

Commercial auto insurance is often a requirement, but that doesn’t mean it also can’t be very helpful to a business owner over and above that fact. It can greatly reduce out-of-pocket cost if a business vehicle is involved in an accident. Make sure that you get the proper coverage to fully protect you from potential losses. Remember, you can always adjust to your policy as necessary to be most effective for your particular situation.